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Company Profile

Company Profile
We, the largest Professional Insulator Fittings Manufacturer in China.
✔   Specializing in Composite Insulator Fittings,  Corona Rings,  ECR Core Rod,  Power / Railway Fittings, 
  Cut-out Fuse / Surge Arrester Fittings.

✔   Fitting covers 40KN~1000KN. Matching for AC 10KV~1000KV (DC±800KV) Composite Insulator.
     50KN, 70KN, 90KN, 100KN, 120KN, 160KN, 210KN, 300KN, 420KN, 530KN, 640 KN, 760 KN, 840 KN, 1000 KN.
     Ball&Socket,  Tongue&Clevis,  Cap&Pin,  "Y" clevis,  Eye,  Flange and other Fittings.
✔   Currently International Market mainly serving LAPP Insulators LLC,  PFISTERER SEFAG AG,  SIEMENS,
     MacLean Power Systems and so on, Passed their factory audit and working as the top level supplier many years.
✔   Insulator Fitting Chinese Standard-maker.
✔   INMR magazine Senior Member.
✔   Leading Connectors Supplier for Famous High-Speed Railway "BeiJing to ShangHai".
✔   One-stop Production Capacity: 
     Precision Forging,  Investment Casting,  CNC Machining,  Heat Treatment,  Hot dip galvanizing,        Aluminum Die-Casting,  Aluminum Gravity Casting,  Cold Heading,  Spheroidal Graphite Casting,  Mold Designing and Making Independently.
     ECR Core Rod Completed Production Line.
✔   Product Standard 
According with:
     IEC,  ISO,  ASTM,  ANSI,  GB/T,  Q/GDW,   JB/T,  DL,  EN.
✔   Material:Steel-ASTM Grade 1045 or equivalent, Aluminum and so on.
✔   Regular crimping Hole Diameter:
     Ø12mm,  Ø16mm,  Ø18mm, Ø20mm,  Ø24mm,  Ø30mm,  Ø34mm,  Ø36mm,  Ø40mm,  Ø50mm,  Ø60mm.
✔   Every product passed the test as following:
    Magnetic Particle Inspection, Brinell / Rockwell Hardness,Roughness, Tensile Strength, Spectrograph    on Chemical Element,Galvanizing Thickness and Dimension tested.
✔   Hot Dip Galvanization Standard Conforms to: SR EN 10083/1, IEC60383 Thickness:86~140μm Zn.

Year Founded:1994
Manufacturing Base:80,000 SquareMeters

Total Number of Employees:398
Total Annual Sales(2015):USD30 million
Percent of Sales in Export Markets:40%
Major Export Markets Served (2015):  Germany,  America,  S.Africa,  Iran,  Egypt,  India,  Indonesia,  Turkey, Canada,  Mexico,  Brazil,  Korea,  Russia.

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